What should Yahoo Store Developers do to promote their client’s website?

As a hosted shopping cart, yahoo store is considered one of the best having loads of functionality and affordable pricing. As it is already hosted, you also do not have to worry a lot about server configuration, security and speed aspects as software is mainly pre configured for that. Yes, you can apply website speeding up tweaks which we will discuss in another article, but what is even more important is to promote and optimize your yahoo store both to humans as well as search engines.

A Yahoo Store developer can leverage a lot of yahoo tools and facilities which come with yahoo store solution and provide the best benefits to his clients. Let’s look at 3 such things which you can do:

  1. Use the Yahoo Promotions center to its fullest.

This is an evolving feature of Yahoo store which allows setting up of many promotion options for your yahoo store to drive sales. Simply having interesting products and nice design is today not enough for any merchant site. The idea should be to promote the top selling products, offer discount on the slowest selling ones and increase the share of spending from customer by adding combination offers and running timely seasonal or festive promotions. This can be all achieved by using Yahoo Promotions center as well as other promotion tools such as: setting up of gift certificates, single and multiple use coupons, cross selling with related products etc. Yes, it is true that these facilities are available in many other shopping cart, but yahoo store provides this seamlessly on a hosted platform with minimum of fuss and customization required to make these work.

Additionally available are some other tools not that easily found in other shopping carts. I am talking about the volume, percentage or dollar amount discounting in which bulk purchase pricing can be provided or the affiliate link track able program for referrals to your store. Some of these tools are available only with the standard and professional yahoo store subscriptions.

  1. Yahoo Merchant Tools and Related Offers to Yahoo Store Clients

One of the key yahoo tools that you get to use is the keyword finder tool because finding relevant and correct key phrases is really the first step for good Seo. This tool uses rich historical and other data to return relevant key phrases from the online merchant sales point of view, to help you in robust SEO for your store.

Other good privileges which you get as merchants being a Yahoo store user are: 20% off on minimum bid prices for Yahoo Shopping listings, Yahoo Local Search basic listing free of cost, Submission of your site to the main search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo , $75 Microsoft advertising credit and site map submission. These goodies are most useful in propelling your sales over time.

  1. On page SEO in Yahoo Store

Yahoo store has many tools and features for on page seo and other seo tasks. For instance it features what is called the page redirect manager which allows you to set up a 301 redirect for specific page. This is important in case the url of your page has changed or the page has been deleted.  The yahoo store core feature where page id corresponding to the page Url can be defined for category, products and content pages is of course very important as page Url still plays some role in Seo. The option of setting up titles and description tags and more importantly, setting them up in a csv file uploading in a single step is a good facility for a yahoo store development company where we can decide on these tags over a few days and then upload them all in a single store wide product update. Another on-page seo that you can do is, utilizing the caption variable properly and setting up relevant captions for your pages. You also shouldn’t ignore your section pages because section pages are what your shoppers will generally get more hits and link popularity so they should be educative.

The above tips are only a starting point at how your merchant store comes with loads of options and tools to supercharge your online selling efforts. We have not even covered what you can do with the social marketing options available to your website. We’ll get back to you soon on that. For now, this is Umesh Sethi, owner and ecommerce consultant at Creative Spark Solutions, signing off.

Posted Wednesday, January 30th, 2013 under Ecommerce.

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